How do new customers
discover your business?​

Advertising Drive

Advertising is the methods by which we place your business in front of customers who it can best connect with, and provide value to. Today’s targeted advertising is the most powerful medium that has even been available in the business world, and our clients enjoy rapid and repeatable success.

How Advertising Drive Works

Built On Strategy

The Drive System is the blueprint designed to strategically help our clients grow and achieve their revenue goals.  Please read the How We Work page to see an overview of the Drive System.

Below you will discover how the three main components of Advertising Drive will help you gain significant opportunities for growth.

You can also learn more about How It Works, and the other components of the system; Social Drive + Design Drive above.


Define the Message​

The core of any Advertising project is to provide potential customers with clear benefit messages, and connect with their needs to promote interest and action. Poorly defined messages leave customers and vendors disconnected, on opposite sides of the same problem.


Target the Audience

By continuously studying customer metrics and generating accurate profiles, the more accurately we can speak their language, and serve their needs.  This enables us to achieve a customer and product match, and build the process of converting them into a purchaser.


Manage the Channels

Channels comprise the different methods of displaying targeted advertising, and the analytical data that this allows for. Whether your perfect audience is on Facebook, searching on Google, or watching YouTube via their phone, we accurately place ads where they have the greatest impact, and lowest cost.


Define the Message

Focus On Customer Needs

Telling potential consumers what you do, or what you’re best at is rarely the optimal solution when advertising in today’s world.  We focus on the User Journey, and instead speak to their needs, wants, or desires, in order to help them answer questions on appropriate fit.  The likelihood of connecting after defining and answering the questions, is increased significantly beyond simple product focused statements.

Showcase Credibility

Consumers today are more capable, data driven, and familiar with research methods, than ever before.  Claims of superiority or easy solutions are rarely trusted without additional cues providing context and verification points.  By expertly positioning your business in the role of educator and customer advocate, we set the stage for you to become a valuable solution provider, which helps you stand out from the pack all claiming to be “#1”.

Highlight Social Proof

By leveraging social signals such as positive reviews, testimonials, and endorsements, we make it easy for Advertisement viewers to see similarities with your existing customer base, and make a connection with other purchasers.  Expectation fulfillment is a critical step in the pre-purchase buying cycle, and finding others in the real world provides the social queues necessary to build validation.

Study Customer Feedback

Marketplaces, groups, needs, and methods all change over time in most fields, and staying current on the developing requirements of your customers is only accomplished through paying attention to these shifting trends.  By actively following up with your potential customers on why they did, or did not, choose to convert provides the necessary feedback to reach ever higher accuracy and product fitment.


Target the Audience

Where Your Customers Are

Targeting is one of the most powerful methods available to advertisers, and allows us to laser focus the correct message to the correct individual

By continuously refining channels and audiences, we reduce ad spend drastically, and improve conversion rates

Understand Their Journey

Awareness– Individuals in this stage are unaware of your products existence, or their need for it.  Advertisements which speak to their general needs or wants create initial awareness.
Interest – Potential Customers are aware of your companies or products existence, and have considered its usage at some point in the future.  A warm, familiar prospect.
Desire – As prospects begin to consider the usage of your offerings, they seek confirmation and validation in the potential choice.  This is where additional research and social signals hold value, and fill in the requirements.
Action – Once the customer is provided all required signals, and has resolved all barriers to conversion, we work to provide a streamlined checkout/purchase process, reducing abandonment.
Maintenance – Throughout the usage, consumption, or implementation of your service, we continue to manage the satisfaction feedback through automated customer care systems, and follow ups.  We continue to promote contributions from recent customers in terms of the Social Drive program, providing further validation to similar potential clients.

Meet Them Along The Way

Each level of the Customer journey is an opportunity to provide value, often in terms of information, convenience, selection, and service.  By understanding the languages used, and needs of your ideal Customer, we can speak their language, and position your Business as a trusted advisor, and opening the door to becoming their preferred vendor.

  • Ads which speak to each facet of the Journey
  • Educational Advertisements (Advertorial) content to both inform and guide
  • How-To Guides and other reference materials
  • Easy and convenient purchase options and checkout streamlining


Manage the Channels

Search Advertising

Search Advertising drives the world around us, and has completely shifted the face of how information is discovered and interacted with.  97% of Google’s nearly $100 Billion in revenue per year is due to search advertising.  Meeting a customer in need, during their search for solutions or assistance, is an incomparable opportunity for wise Business owners.

Targeted Content

By offering relevant information within targeted groups, we can provide both needs based Advertising, and Advertorial styles, offering both resolutions and helpful how-to information.  By offering solutions to customers at all stages of the purchase journey, it creates opportunity to reach them outside of the standard keywords, and reduces exposure costs.

Email Marketing

It is roughly five times more expensive to convert a potential customer, than to sell to an existing customer for a second time.  Many companies focus statically on new customer leads alone, while neglecting the opportunities to develop and extend the existing relationships the business has forged previously.  By utilizing strict opt-in Email Advertising, and avoiding Spam, we’ve provided great opportunity for increased revenue without adding even a single new customer.

Social Influencers

For businesses with a more organic approach to exposure, we have partnerships with individuals who have developed dedicated social media presences, and connect with viewers on a more intimate and trusting level.  This creates a space for direct social testimonials and product usage videos, and helps bring products to life.

Unlimited Support

All of our clients benefit from our unlimited support options.  Our packages are designed to provide complete peace of mind, and we know that a huge part of that is easy access to great support personnel.  Please feel free to contact us through any convenient method.

Success Guaranteed

We are a company built around Your Success and Customer Satisfaction. Therefore we have built our services with that one goal in mind.

In order to meet our Customer Success & Satisfaction Goals, we provide a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee on all subscriptions and initial implementation packages.  Any payments collected within the past 90-Days of written notice of cancellation will be refunded, and all future payments will be cancelled.

Your complete satisfaction and business success is our number one priority, as our mutual growth and reputation depend on it.


+ $300/month
  • Unlimited Support
  • Develop 1 Additional Channel: Facebook, Instagram, Google, Email, Pinterest, etc.
  • Write & Review Targeted Ads
  • Monitor & Minimize Ad-Spend To Guarantee Highest ROI
  • Goal To Drive Sales & Meet Strategic Growth Targets


+ $600/month
  • Unlimited Support
  • Develop 2 Additional Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Google, Email, Pinterest, etc.
  • Write & Review Targeted Ads
  • Monitor & Minimize Ad-Spend To Guarantee Highest ROI
  • Goal To Drive Sales & Meet Strategic Growth Targets


  • Unlimited 30-Day Support
  • Develop 3 Advertising Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Google, Email, Pinterest, etc.
  • Write & Review Targeted Ads
  • Minimize Ad-Spend To Guarantee Highest ROI
  • Goal To Drive Sales & Meet Strategic Growth Targets
All Services Are Backed By a 90-Day - 100% satisfaction guarantee.